DoubleTap Ammunition Hardcast Solid, 10MM, 200Gr, Hard Cast, 20 Round Box 10MM200HC

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One of the BEST handgun hunting/woods defense loads to date! Featuring a 21 brinell 200gr Hardcast Solid bullet (Wide Flat Nose Gas Check) that Double Tap cast in house” you will not find this kind of performance anywhere else. This load is what you choose when deep” deep” penetration is what you need. The way this bullet was designed” it penetrates through soft tissue” heavy bone” and hide exceptionally well. The wide flat nose meplat cuts a large” clean hole without any flight deviation or deflection. Because they use 21 brinell lead to cast this bullet” it holds its shape well and will not deform on impact. In addition” they attach a gas check onto the back of the 200gr Hardcast Solid. The gas check prevents powder burn from melting the lead and causing smearing/ fouling in your barrel.

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